Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Radio Station Field Trip #102 - WGTB at Georgetown University

Door to WGTB office. Photo: J. Waits
During my flurry of station visits in February, I stopped by Georgetown University's student-run college radio station WGTB. Now a streaming radio station, WGTB has an interesting history, including a more radical past, when it broadcast left-leaning ideas and music to the entire Washington, D.C. community over a powerful FM signal.

Although the station mainly serves the campus community today, it's an active part of Georgetown and has a large staff hosting shows, running events, blogging, and covering campus sports.

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Radio Station Field Trip #101 - WCUA at Catholic University of America

Door at WCUA at Catholic University of America. Photo: J. Waits

College radio has a long history at Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., with the first station launching in the 1920s. Today, streaming radio station WCUA operates out of the basement of the music building, sharing space with the percussion department. The dimly-lit station home houses gems from WCUA's past and also is the hub for its current operations.

See my full written report on Radio Survivor. I also discuss my visit to WCUA on the Radio Survivor Podcast, episode #50.

Radio Station Field Trip #100 - WPRB at Princeton University

Leo Blais sign at WPRB. Photo: J. Waits
It's hard to believe that I've now written up 100 radio station tours and I can't think of a more fitting station for that milestone visit than Princeton University's WPRB. My February, 2016 tour also included a stop at the station's history exhibit, which was held in honor of the 75th anniversary of student radio at Princeton.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Radio Station Field Trip #99 - WHCS Hunter College Radio

Entrance to WHCS. Photo: J. Waits
For my 99th radio station tour, I visited WHCS at Hunter College in New York City. I journeyed to the station on a Saturday morning in February (Feb. 20th to be exact) and was delighted to see not only the station as well as some fascinating historical tidbits. It may also be the only station that I've visited that has created its own Zombie video.

Read my full report on Radio Survivor and also hear a bit more about my tour on Radio Survivor Podcast #47. And stay tuned for my 100th radio station tour, coming soon!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Radio Station Field Trip #98 - WBCR at Brookyn College

Brooklyn College Radio sticker. Photo: J. Waits
On February 18, I raced over to Brooklyn College in order to see its long-time radio station WBCR. Operating only on weekdays, the station can be heard both online and over a low power unlicensed AM signal. Although there was interest in creating a radio station on campus back in the 1940s (there were radio classes there during that era), evidence suggests that a radio station didn't launch until perhaps 1968.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Radio Station Field Trip 9.5 - at University of San Francisco

Leo Blais sign at Photo: J. Waits
Occasionally I re-visit radio stations, but typically only write up a new field trip report after there has been a change in location. That was certainly the case at college radio station KUSF at University of San Francisco, which lost its FM signal and long-time home in 2011. Re-emerging as online-only station in 2012, the station looks and sounds completely different than it did when I first visited seven years ago in 2009. Now in a much smaller space and mostly staffed by student DJs, has re-emerged as a vibrant student activity. See my full report from my September 2, 2015 visit on Radio Survivor.

Radio Station Field Trip 97 - High School Radio Station KBPS

Entrance to high school radio station KBPS. Photo: J. Waits

I was thrilled to finally get to visit Benson Polytechnic High School's radio station KBPS-AM in Portland, Oregon on November 8, 2015. To the best of my knowledge, it's the oldest, still operating high school radio station in the United States, as it launched in 1923.

The license is held by the Portland Public Schools and over the years students of all ages have participated in station activities. Today KBPS broadcasts over 1450 AM, offering radio training to high school students on the Benson campus.

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