Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Radio Station Visit #134 - WHIP at Temple University

WHIP Tshirt. Photo: J. Waits
On October 21, 2016, I visited Temple University in Philadelphia to see student-run, internet radio college radio station WHIP. With around 100 volunteers, the station has a long history with sports broadcasts and has more recently been getting buzz for its news coverage, particularly during election season. An online station since 2007, WHIP began was first conceptualized in 1997 and originally broadcast over very low power FM on campus.

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Friday, April 21, 2017

Radio Station Visit #133 - WDCE at University of Richmond

College radio station WDCE at University of Richmond. Photo: J. Waits
On my first day in Virginia last month, I toured a few college radio stations in Richmond, including University of Richmond's student-run radio station WDCE. The FM station has a funky basement home and is made up of both student and non-student DJs and hosts. The descendant of a carrier current radio station that launched in 1960, WDCE still has some participants who've been at the college radio station for decades.

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Radio Station Visit #132 - WXTJ-LP at University of Virginia

Studio at college radio station WXTJ. Photo: J. Waits
After years of declining student participation at WTJU, its General Manager had the novel idea of starting up a brand new college radio station that would be 100% students. Now known as WXTJ-LP, the student-run station started out as an online-only endeavor, but as of April, 2016, has also been broadcasting terrestrially over low power FM (LPFM) in Charlottesville, Virginia at 100.1 FM.

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Monday, April 17, 2017

Radio Station Visit #131 - WUVA at University of Virginia

Old WUVA promotion spotted at the station. Photo: J. Waits
The descendant of a carrier current radio station that launched at University of Virginia in 1947, WUVA celebrates its 70th anniversary in 2017. Now in the final moments as a commercial FM station operated by WUVA, Inc., the station is being sold, with proceeds being used to fund WUVA's online news operation.

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Radio Station Visit #130 - WNUW-LP at Neumann University

WNUW sign at the Neumann University college radio station. Photo: J. Waits
One of the newer low power FM (LPFM) radio stations, WNUW-LP broadcasts from beautiful new studios on the Neumann University campus in Aston, Pennsylvania. Originally an online-only station, Neumann Media jumped at the change to have a terrestrial signal in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Radio Station Visit #129 - WTJU at University of Virginia

Steve Keene painting at WTJU. Photo: J. Waits
I spent my St. Patrick's Day immersed in college radio culture at the WTJU-hosted "College Radio: Then, Now and Next" symposium at University of Virginia in Charlottesville. Following the event, I popped by the station for an evening tour. Celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, WTJU operates as a community radio-college radio hybrid, with a small percentage of students, particularly in recent years, after the founding of student-run sister station WXTJ.

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Radio Station Visit #128 - WHCL at Lehman College

LCR sticker at Lehman College Radio. Photo: J. Waits
While in the Bronx over spring break two weeks ago, I took some time to visit a few radio stations, including Lehman College Underground Radio. Located at City University of New York (CUNY)'s Lehman College, the station is full of artifacts from its more traditional radio past; although it's more focused on DJ mixes and live events today.

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Monday, April 10, 2017

Radio Station Visit #127 - WCWM at The College of William & Mary

Poster at WCWM. Photo: J. Waits
Even though it was my first visit to Colonial Williamsburg, my focus was entirely on college radio station WCWM at the College of William & Mary. Part of a historic town and college, the station itself embraces history, lovingly archiving vintage vinyl and station ephemera. The lobby walls are covered with vinyl LPs and DJs draw from the extensive CD collection as well.

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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Radio Station Visit #126 - WXJM at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA

Leo Blais sign in WXJM studio. Photo: J. Waits
College radio station WXJM was a must-visit station for me, as I'd long been aware of the DIY festival, MACROCK, that the station launched 20 years ago. Although the music event is now run by a separate organization, WXJM staffers are still quite involved with MACROCK every year, including the 2017 edition, which is coming up in a few days.

Today, WXJM is housed in the back of James Madison University's public radio station, although its operations are worlds apart. Run by students, WXJM embraces under-represented artists and is a champion of the Harrisonsburg, Virginia music scene.

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Radio Station Visit #125 - WMWC at University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, VA

Card at WMWC. Photo: J. Waits
During my Virginia travels, I took a road trip to University of Mary Washington's college radio station WMWC. Located in Fredericksburg, the streaming radio station is the descendant of a carrier current campus station that launched 71 years ago in 1946. Today, WMWC is still full of fascinating artifacts from the past, including old boards, cart machines, and an instant replay machine.

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Radio Station Visit #124 - Community Radio Station WRIR-LP in Richmond, VA

Art at Richmond Independent Radio. Photo: J. Waits
My March 18, 2017 visit to Richmond Independent Radio (WRIR-LP) was a treat for many reasons. First of all, I met a fellow Haverford College radio alum and second, I learned about WRIR's important role in the history of low power FM. A LPFM station from the first licensing window, WRIR has been on the FM airwaves in Richmond, Virginia since 2005.

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