Monday, August 27, 2018

Radio Station Visit #146: WGXC's Hudson Studio

WGXC banner in front of station's Hudson location. Photo: J. Waits
Wave Farm operates community radio station WGXC-FM out of studios in both Acra and Hudson, New York. While my previous field trip report on my visit to the Acra location delves into the transmissions arts aspects of the station; my trip to the Hudson studio reveals more about WGXC's overall programming. Located in a church basement, WGXC Hudson has an active roster of show hosts from the area and a community-oriented approach to news programming. Its app even facilitates live broadcasts generated by a wide group of contributors; ranging from arts venues to civic-minded individuals.

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Radio Station Visit #145: Wave Farm and WGXC Hudson

Sound effects toys in the studio at Wave Farm's WGXC Acra. Photo: J. Waits
I was pretty blown away by my visit last month to the arts-focused Wave Farm in Acra, New York. Home to community radio station WGXC-FM, it's also a hot bed for transmission arts and radio-oriented artists-in-residence. Hidden radios dot a trail through the woods, with transmission art pieces throughout the property, including a pond radio station and Quintron's Weather Warlock. With another main studio in Hudson, New York (the topic of my next tour post), WGXC not only airs experimental programming, but also news, music shows, and youth programming.

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