Sunday, January 27, 2008

Toiling in Obscurity on Carrier Current Radio

I've been a fan of college radio since I had my very first radio show back in 1985 or 1986 when I was a freshman at Haverford College. At Haverford's WHRC, DJs were toiling in obscurity. We were the lowest of the low as far as college radio stations went, inhabiting a spot on the AM carrier current dial, which meant we could only be heard on campus. Our main listenership was on the right side of the dining hall, where our shows were piped in during mealtimes. We could also be heard in the dorms, but not in the more distant campus apartments where I lived. I remember working hard to do a great radio show one day (during weekend brunch) and finding out later that cafeteria workers had shut off the speakers, meaning that essential nobody heard my show. But, I persevered, getting more and more involved with the station with each subsequent semester. My friend Alex and I even became co-music directors and had great fun traveling to NYC for CMJ conferences, where we met label reps and saw bands play in dive bars. We actually convinced some cool labels to send us free records and we felt victorious. The labels didn't need to know that our station had no audience.

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