Monday, November 10, 2008

College Radio Tidbits - CFMH and "Wolf Pack Radio" Profiled, Ball State's WCRD Gets New Antenna, International Show at University of Oregon station

A few stories related to college radio this week include:

Canadian Station CFMH Profiled

UNB Saint John station CFMH was the subject of a profile in the Telegraph Journal. The campus-community radio station is located in New Brunswick, Canada and has a programming staff of more than 80 volunteers. According to the article:

"The diverse student population at UNBSJ means broadcasts might be in various languages, eight different ones in fact: English, French, Mandarin, Arabic, Hindi, Bengali, Persian and Spanish. Programming includes a wide range of campus- and community-based productions that include the musical genres of jazz, blues, hip-hop, electronica, world/international, folk, punk and metal. There is also spoken-word programming on local issues such as the environment, information technology, religion, politics and media."

Ball State Radio Station Expands Listening Range

An article in The Ball State Daily News Online, talks about the expanded listening range for Ball State University radio station WCRD-FM. According to the article, a new antenna now allows for students on campus to actually hear the Muncie, Indiana radio station, which previously had a very limited range. The article quotes assistant professor of telecommunications Nancy Carlson who states:

"'Even though a lot of people know there's a college radio station, not a lot of people could actually listen to it because they were outside of the coverage area,' she said. 'Now, any of them can hear it and it will become the voice of the Ball State students on campus.'"

Nevada's Wolf Pack Radio Profiled

An article in Reno News & Review profiles University of Nevada, Reno's AM station "Wolf Pack Radio." The station hopes to gain an FM license at some point in the future and is working really hard to build ties to the local community. According to the piece:

"An irregular stream of students and DJs come and go from the station—it’s a gathering place for the campus community. All in all, the station has 30 hours of airtime with live DJs—all volunteers—encompassing a large range of subject matter and music. “NFL Hour,” for example, is a sports show that focuses on UNR and professional football. On Wednesday evenings, there is a three-hour block of political talk shows. The first, “It’s All Gravy,” hosted by a political science graduate student, focuses on current events and attempts to be objective. It is followed by “The Voicebox,” a debate-style show where hosts Dan and Donnell discuss both sides of the issues..."

"Music from Around the World" at University of Oregon station

An article in the Oregon Daily Emerald profiles an International student from Germany who hosts a show on the campus station KWVA-FM called "Music from Around the World."According to the piece:

"...Haenelt received specialized DJ training and now has her own show on the air Thursdays from 11 a.m. to noon. Each week, Haenelt invites a different international student from ICSP onto her show to discuss life back home in his or her culture. Guests also play instruments live on the air.

'Last week we had a girl from Vietnam and she sang on the air,' Haenelt said. 'Her voice was beautiful and we even had someone call in after the show, wanting to try her out.'"

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