Thursday, March 26, 2009

College Radio on the iPhone

A piece in Macworld reviews various streaming radio applications available for the iPhone, including two that specifically feature college radio stations.

In the article, Jeffery Battersby discusses the College Radio Tuner, the IBS Student Radio Network tool from Backbone Networks that has 27 streams from IBS member stations. According to Battersby, "The streams from these stations are… well… college radio, which means that the quality of the programming can vary from the mundane to the absolutely brilliant."

He contrasts College Radio Tuner with Tuner Internet Radio, a broader service with hundreds of stations, including around 50 college radio stations.

If your station is using one of these iPhone applications, I'd be curious to hear what impact it's had on the number of mobile listeners to your station.

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Logan 5 said...

I use Internet Radio Tuner extensively and it's a great piece of software. I intend to try the IBS radio program but haven't gotten around to it yet. I also use the SHOUTcast app for iPhone which is free and lists a large number of college stations which use Shoutcast. Finally I'd like to point out that Wunder Radio contains a large number of college stations and cross-platform: iPhone, Windows Mobile and Android.
We have yet to see a real impact from it yet but are promoting this method of listening at