Tuesday, November 24, 2009

5 Favorite College Radio Stations?

One of the reasons that I started Spinning Indie was because I wanted to help connect college radio DJs with folks from other stations. I love meeting other college radio DJs, seeing stations all over the country, and getting ideas from others who love music and radio.

For that reason, I'm always impressed when I hear about college radio stations who support and give credit to stations other than their own.

In today's Daily Nebraskan, KRNU Music Director Casey Welsch devotes his column to a run-down of his 5 favorite college radio stations. They include WMHB (Colby College), BIRN (Berklee College of Music), Pulse Radio (London School of Economics), WNYU (New York University), and WESU (Wesleyan University).

He mentions that he listens to these stations via iTunes radio and that part of his motivation is to see how his station at University of Nebraska is doing compared to others.

What do you think of his list? What are your 5 favorite college radio stations?


Ali Ru said...

I've been really impressed with 95bFM. I saw their brand direction Manu Taylor on a panel at CMJ and I've been listening ever since. They've got some good stuff.

Jose Fritz said...

Eclectic as it is.. WNYU is one of my least favorite because they don't really exist. They use the WFDU stick for a few hour a week then there's cable to the dorms and online. WFMU is equally eclectic in NYC plus you can actually hear them.