Friday, December 4, 2009

Spinning Indie 50 State Tour Project

The goal of the Spinning Indie 50 State Tour is to highlight college radio stations in every corner of the United States. Since so much attention gets focused on a small number of high-profile radio stations; I wanted to make the effort to expose people to stations that might be a bit below the radar.

By virtue of this tour's "virtual" nature, I will be able to interview stations in every state by conducting email and phone interviews.

Since this series began in October 2008, the following stations have been featured stops on my virtual tour of college radio around the country:

1. Arkansas station KXUA (University of Arkansas, Fayetteville)
2. Wisconsin station WSUM (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
3. Kansas station KJHK (University of Kansas, Lawrence)
4. Louisiana station WTUL (Tulane University, New Orleans)
5. Alaska station KSUA (University of Alaska, Fairbanks)
6. North Dakota station KNDS (North Dakota State University, Fargo)
7. Nevada station Wolf Pack Radio (University of Nevada, Reno)
8. West Virginia station WHSC (Shepherd University, Shepherdstown)
9. Kentucky station WRFL (University of Kentucky, Lexington)
10. Minnesota station KRLX (Carleton College, Northfield)
11. Montana station KBGA (University of Montana, Missoula)
12. California station KSCR (University of Southern California, Los Angeles)
13. Nebraska station KRNU (University of Nebraska, Lincoln)
14. Idaho station KUOI (University of Idaho, Moscow)
15. Tennessee station WRVU (Vanderbilt University, Nashville)
16. South Carolina station WSBF (Clemson University, Clemson)
17. Virginia station WTJU (University of Virginia, Charlottesville)

Stick around to see who might be next....

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spuddybuddy said...

When you get to Missouri check out KWUR a great station.