Thursday, January 21, 2010

84-Year-Old College Radio DJ's Swing Show on KKSM

Being a college radio veteran myself, I'm never all that surprised to read about DJs who are still at it decades after they graduated from college.

An article in the North County Times this week profiles DJ Doug Best, who hosts "Doug Best Swings!" every Saturday morning on Palomar College radio station KKSM-AM. The radio veteran (he's had this particular show for 8 years) and former local politician has been on various stations including KSDO, KSON, KFMB, KOWN and KSPA.

The article offers up some thoughts from Doug Best, who points out: "'I've been able to hang in's fun to do. It may sound corny, but we like to figure we reach out and touch a lot of people each week.'"

Indeed, that's why so many of us keep doing radio.

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