Friday, April 16, 2010

Record Store Day is Tomorrow!

 Gearing Up for Record Store Day in Berkeley

I'm so thrilled that Record Store Day has become a regular event and that it seems to be getting bigger every year. If you haven't already, clear your calendars for the third annual event being held tomorrow, Saturday, April 17th, so that you can spend some time combing through the shelves and bins of your favorite independent record store. Buy some records, CDs, and tapes and embrace the benefits of music that can be held in your hands. You may also get the chance to see live music, have your CDs/vinyl signed by artists, mingle with bands, get some freebies, and bond with fellow music fans.

The Record Store Day website has links to various events happening tomorrow, including the skinny on super-exclusive releases that will no doubt sell out quickly during the festivities.

Last year I went to Aquarius Records in San Francisco and let my then 3-year-old sift through the bargain bins for CDs. She ended up selecting a number of interesting albums, including 2 CDs that were later added (unrelated to her efforts) to current rotation of the radio station where I DJ (months after she chose them). I can't wait to see what she finds this year!

Although some radio stations are doing some Record Store Day-themed programs and events, I haven't heard about anything big being planned by college radio. If you have the low-down on any college radio stations with big plans for Record Store Day, please post your comments below.

For those in the San Francisco Bay Area, a whole bunch of record stores are participating and in particular there's a ton of stuff happening at Amoeba Records in Berkeley and in San Francisco, with signings, live music, and various giveaways.

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