Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Radio Station Field Trip 9.5 - KUSF.org at University of San Francisco

Leo Blais sign at KUSF.org. Photo: J. Waits
Occasionally I re-visit radio stations, but typically only write up a new field trip report after there has been a change in location. That was certainly the case at college radio station KUSF at University of San Francisco, which lost its FM signal and long-time home in 2011. Re-emerging as online-only station KUSF.org in 2012, the station looks and sounds completely different than it did when I first visited seven years ago in 2009. Now in a much smaller space and mostly staffed by student DJs, KUSF.org has re-emerged as a vibrant student activity. See my full report from my September 2, 2015 visit on Radio Survivor.

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