Friday, September 12, 2008

CMJ Interview with Pirate Promotions Sheds Light on College Radio Pressures

CMJ's Staff Blog posted an interesting interview this week with radio and new media promo person, Doug Blake, from Pirate! Promotions. In the interview Doug talks a bit about college radio, saying that stations aren't as adventurous as maybe they once were. He says:

"...When I started at college radio it was all about the new band or whatever they thought was good independent of outside sources. Now, not so much. This of course does not go for everyone as there are some great stations out there still pushing the envelope. But it seems more and more that stations won’t touch something unless it has been Pitchfork approved or they have read about it on another one of their favorite blogs."

I've definitely heard these complaints before. He goes on to admit that often college radio Music Directors might feel pressured by promoters and labels, saying:

"I think so many stations have become afraid to do their own thing because of the pressures some of us [promoters] put on them. I think a lot of it has to do with fear of being yelled at or being thought of as wrong, but there is nothing to be afraid of. Stations should listen to the records and form their own opinions on them and not base decisions on a review score or what some promoter tells you to do...My advice is to do what’s best for your station and not what’s going to be 'cool' or best for some promoter. If someone stops talking to you or you get kicked off a list, it’s one less person to talk to. And I am sure you can find the record on the internet anyway."

This is really great advice, to just stand up for yourself and your station and be confident in your own opinion about music.

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