Monday, September 15, 2008

SCAD Radio Playlist from Yesterday's XMU Show

I'm thrilled to see that college radio-loving satellite station XMU is beginning the fall semester with some new blood on its weekly "Student Exchange Program."

Yesterday's show featured the Internet-only station SCAD Radio from Savannah College of Art and Design (Savannah, Georgia). The station has been broadcasting online since January 2002. According to their website, "SCAD Radio is dedicated to offering music and programming not heard on other Savannah radio stations, with particular emphasis on music performed by SCAD students and other local artists."

To learn more about SCAD Radio, be sure to read the lengthy September 2007 interviews with their Student Media Advisor and General Manager (at the time) on Connect Savannah.

Coming up next Sunday, September 21, 2008 (1pm Pacific/4pm Eastern) on XMU's "Student Exchange" will be frequent contributor Radio UTD from University of Texas, Dallas.

SCAD Radio (Savannah College of Art and Design)
XMU "Student Exchange Program" Playlist
Air Date: 09-14-08

James Pants - We're Through- Welcome
Ponytail - Small Wevs - Ice Cream Spiritual
Bonjour's Parties - Magpie Will Peck A Hole In My Plaster Cast - Pigments Drift Down To The Brook
The Walkmen - Seven Years Of Holidays (For Stretch) - You & Me

Stereolab - Self Portrait With "Electric Brain" - Chemical Chords
The Silent Years - Ropes - The Globe
Tiny Specks Of Many Things - Electrocution - The Choir Invisible
Chad VanGaalen - Cries Of The Dead - Soft Airplane
System And Station - Out On The Wall - A Nation Of Actors

Ratatat - Falcon Jab - LP3
Takka Takka - Everybody Say - Migration
Horse Feathers - Working Poor - House With No Name
The Floorboards - The Proverbial Handouts - The Floorboards EP
Mad Gregs - Old Man -Big Nun
SBACH - Track 07 - SBACH

Sebastian Tellier - Kilometer - Sexuality
Experimental Dental School - Microscope Lab Voices - Jane Doe Loves Me
Alias - Resurgam- Resurgam
The Notwist - Alphabet - The Devil, You + Me
Aux Arc - Put It On Your Pancakes - Aux Arc Is Marshall Trotter
Pattern Is Movement - Peach Trees - All Together

Calexico - Two Silver Trees - Carried To Dust
A Night In The Box - Le Me Know - Write A Letter
Forward Russia - Spring Is A Condition
Hercules And Love Affair - Hercules Theme - Hercules And Love Affair
The New Up - Top Of The Stairs - Broken Machine
Jeremy Jay - Alpha Rhythm - Alpha Rhythm

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