Tuesday, April 14, 2009

CMJ Staff Blog Profiles UC Santa Cruz Radio Station KZSC

Last month the CMJ Staff Blog posted three new interviews with staff from various college radio stations.

First up was an interview with the Music Director from KZSC-FM (University of California, Santa Cruz), Scott Karoly. In the piece he talks about the upcoming radio conference for radio stations within the University of California system. According to Scott,

"The University Of California Radio Network Conference (UCRN) is an event that happens twice a year, once at a station in Northern California and once down south. We’re a big state. It’s a Saturday where people from all the stations in the UC system gather to hang out, meet each other, go to discussion panels, share ideas, eat some food and have a good time. It’s kind of like a super-specialized version of CMJ’s College Day, for a group of people who see each other more frequently. I’ve made a lot of good friends through UCRN, and it’s one of my favorite parts of college radio."

I heard about the UCRN conference when I visited KALX recently, and it sounds like an amazing way to build a broader college radio community.

Additionally, Scott discusses KZSC's love for vinyl records, saying:

"People are really getting stoked on vinyl at KZSC. We have lots of community members who’ve never stopped using LPs, and we have thousands upon thousands, several walls worth at the station. We know digital releases are here and growing, but we’ve got a soft spot for tangible things, at least I do. Whenever I get a real record, 12 or 7-inches, it says something—a lot more than a paper case and a glossy photograph. Colored vinyl? Count me in. People are into it, and that makes me real happy."

I just found out that I'll get the chance to visit KZSC during the UCRN conference and am really looking forward to seeing the station (any station that values vinyl is a friend of mine) and meeting a bunch of college radio folks from all over California. So, stay tuned for my full report, and, of course, pictures of their station in the woods.

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