Saturday, April 11, 2009

WAMU-FM in the News: VA Incident, Bluegrass App, and Social Network

American University's public radio station WAMU-FM was in the news this week for an incident that happened at a VA Hospital.

According to a piece on CNN:

"A college radio station reporter was expected to get his memory card back Friday after it was seized by the Veteran Affairs Department when he tried to interview a veteran. David Schultz of American University's WAMU-FM told CNN he attended a VA town hall meeting Tuesday for minority veterans held at a Washington VA hospital. Schultz said that he heard a veteran speak during the meeting and asked him to talk in the hallway. Once there, he said, a VA public affairs officer, whom he would not name, interrupted, saying the interview was illegal."
By the way, D.C. station WAMU also has some interesting stuff going on tech-wise. They started up their own social network called "The Conversation" on their website and also have an iPhone application focused on their bluegrass programming.

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