Tuesday, August 4, 2009

College Radio Tidbits: KPSU's Sticker Fame, Internet Radio in Australia, Radio Ping Pong

A few college radio-related tidbits to share:

KPSU Gets "Radio Sticker of the Day"
I love it. There's a whole site devoted to radio station stickers and a number of them are from college radio stations. Featured this past week was KPSU from Portland State. Congrats!

Internet-only Station Debuts in Australia
University of Queensland just started up a new student radio station in Brisbane, Australia in May. An article about the station states that, "...the station was moulded by the student body to appeal to those aged 18 to 24..." and that it's already become quite popular with students both as listeners and DJs.

KHUM's Radio Ping Pong
Music blog Rollo & Grady just did a "radio ping pong" experiment with commercial freeform radio station KHUM, in which the DJ and the caller took alternating turns in making musical selections for 2-hour show. Interesting idea, especially for a commercial station. I wonder if there were any selections that the radio station didn't have?


Bret Bernhoft said...

I am a DJ at KPSU with three shows and I have to say that our new sticker sucks. Our prior sticker, with the Dinosaur, was pretty awesome. As someone who has both worked and DJed at the station for 2 years I can tell you the KPSU is NOTHING like it used to be. There is no passion anymore and you can see this in the new sticker.

KPSU Family said...

Bret is a disgruntled former DJ who may have written "FUK KPSU" on the lobby walls. Not only does this show that he is horribly uneducated with regards to the correct spelling of "fuck" but completely and utterly disrespectful to the station and its history. Bret knows NOTHING about the way KPSU used to be - he only came on board with the station in 2008, some 14 years after its inception. He tried to do a hostile takeover of the station in the form of applying to be station manager (running on the platform of "I'm going to fire all the staff when I get hired") and was basically run out of the station as NO ONE in the entire station publicly supported or backed his decision to apply for station manager. And to show how pompous he is, when talking about applying for station manager, he only used the phrase, "when I'm hired" instead of "If I'm hired" because the former was too "negative" but it only illustrated how shallow and egotistical Bret is. Want to talk about passion? Bret is ONLY passionate about what furthers his career and pads his resume. Not necessarily bad qualities to have Bret, but as a result you completely stink as being a total phony. BTW - I know this may seem like slander, but it is the complete truth. Want proof, just cruise down to the KPSU studios and ask ANYONE you find - DJs and Staff alike - what they think of Bret Bernhoft.