Thursday, April 24, 2008

Call for College Radio in North Dakota

I love this! There's an opinion piece in this week's campus paper Dakota Student Online that is encouraging students to start up a college radio station at University of North Dakota. The author also name-checks a few stations that are on my radar---KSLU (St. Louis University station that's been on the XMU Student Exchange show multiple times) and WZBC (Boston College station that impressed me when I tuned in last month too). According to the piece:

"A student-run radio station on this campus...could be a source of the daily news that isn't covered by the DS, the latest happenings on campus, and a break from the repetitive grind that is commercial radio. It could be a brand new horizon, because college radio just may well be the best way of finding new music on the planet. A student-run radio station can more accurately follow the pulse of life at UND than most other media. It could be faster than Facebook..."

Quite the call the arms. I wonder if anyone will step up and start the process?

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Jon Schleuss said...

go for it, go for it, GO FOR IT!