Friday, April 25, 2008

WERS on Student Exchange AGAIN this Weekend

I just read in the Emerson College newspaper The Berkeley Beacon, that college radio station WERS-FM will be featured on the Student Exchange program on satellite station XMU this Sunday, April 27th (1-3 pm Pacific, 4-6pm Eastern time) and 3 more times this summer. They've already had quite a run on the show (according to my math this will be their 5th appearance, including one "re-run") and seem to be a favorite of the folks at XMU.

Remember a few weeks back XMU was seeking out stations to be on the air in the coming months? Did any of you contact them about this? I'd love to see more station diversity on their airwaves, so I'd encourage college radio stations that haven't been on yet to contact XMU about claiming a spot on an upcoming Sunday afternoon.

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