Monday, April 21, 2008

Future College Radio DJs at Elementary School Station

I was always impressed when I heard about high schools that had their own radio stations, so I'm even more excited to read in yesterday's Charlotte Observer that there's an elementary school in Charlotte, North Carolina that's inviting 5th graders to DJ and program their own station. According to the article:

"Mira is one of five Sandy Ridge Elementary fifth-graders who manage and produce Ram Radio. Officials say it's the only student-run radio station in Union County schools. The kids get together daily to write and record shows, which air twice a day for 30 minutes before and after school. Some 350 families who drive kids to school can tune in as they line up in front of campus. The show, broadcast over 103.3 FM at a low frequency, can be heard 500 feet away. It doesn't air during class time. Ram Radio is part of principal Tom Childers' push 'to implement 21st-century technology skills' in elementary grades."

This is great that they actually see radio as a "21st-century technology skill" as even some colleges do not. Sandy Ridge Elementary has archived some shows on their website if you're interested in hearing these young DJs.

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