Thursday, June 25, 2009

College Radio Tidbits: Performance Rights Act, KACC DJ Profile, WUVT to Get Bigger Signal

A few college radio-related items to report on today:

College Radio Stations Could Shut Down, Switch to Talk if Bill Passes
As I wrote on Radio Survivor today, opposition to the Performance Rights Act continues. In a recent bit of press on, WSUM (University of Wisconsin-Madison) General Manager Dave Black expresses his concern for non-commercial broadcasters. According to the article, "Black says many college stations in Wisconsin could close if Congress imposes the fees on them."

Profile of Houston DJ team at College Radio Station KACC
A Houston Press article, "Think Houston Radio Sucks? Try KACC's Lost Fidelity," profiles a college radio DJ team on at the Alvin Community College FM station KACC (89.7 FM). The article describes the show as "a three-hour garage and indie-rock powerhouse chock full of nerdy music talk..."

Virginia Tech Station WUVT Gets More Attention, Bigger Signal
There's a nice article in the Roanoake Times profiling Virginia Tech station WUVT's chief engineer Kevin Sterne, and his hard work for the station over the years.

Interestingly, Kevin brought more attention to the station after he was injured in the Virginia Tech shootings in 2007. According to the article, "A photo of Sterne being carried out of Norris Hall after he was shot twice in the right leg in German class became the iconic image of the tragedy."

The article also explains that "Steve Davis, senior vice president of engineering at Clear Channel Radio orchestrated several gifts of time and equipment that got WUVT's signal back to 3,000 watts in May 2007 and cleared the way for new equipment and location that will bring it to 6,500 watts"

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