Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Radio Survivor Launches

Obviously I'm pretty passionate about radio and it's always fun to meet like-minded folks who share my mission to spread the gospel about radio's continued relevance.

So, it's awesome to announce that I'm helping to launch a new website called Radio Survivor. I've joined up with radio gurus Matthew Lasar (an academic and contributor to Ars Technica who writes extensively about radio, the FCC and policy issues and has authored several books and articles about Pacifica Radio) and Paul Riismandel (champion of indie media, adviser to Northwestern University radio station WNUR and the man behind the "Mediageek" blog and radio show).

Radio Survivor will report on the past, present and future of radio; with a bit of a broader perspective than Spinning Indie. Since this is a new endeavor, it might take awhile to figure out which posts are more "Spinning Indie" and which are more "Radio Survivor," so I'll do my best to provide links when appropriate.

My first two posts for Radio Survivor were college radio-related:

Is Twitter the New College Radio?
College Radio DJ Archetypes

Additionally, Paul and Matthew have written up some interesting posts related to satellite radio, policy issues, and the mysterious presence of TV audio on the FM band after the analog to digital conversion Here are a couple:

Analog TV is Alive. It's Radio
The Holy Grail: Getting Internet Radio into Your Car (Part 1)

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