Thursday, June 11, 2009

FMC's "I Support Community Radio" Campaign Invites Radio Fans to Submit Testimonials

WVFI Studio

The Future of Music Coalition has a cool new campaign going, where they are inviting people to submit video testimonials about why local, non-commercial radio is important to them. According to their website:

"Radio is still an incredibly important resource for artists, fans and communities. That's why FMC is involved in the fight to expand non-commercial radio as alternatives to homogenized commercial broadcasting. We believe that radio has the power to inspire, inform and entertain while serving up distinct local and regional flavor. And the musicians we've talked to think so, too."

On their website you can take a look at a few of these non-commercial radio testimonials (and learn how to submit your own), including some from artists and indie label folks. According to the project webpage:

"This page features artists talking about what community radio means to them. From kick-ass college stations to Low Power FM to full-power broadcasters who care about their local scene, community radio is an important thread in America's rich musical tapestry. Musicians of every stripe have stories about how radio has touched their lives and helped them reach audiences. This ongoing video project will help document these stories."

What a great project!

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