Friday, September 25, 2009

College Radio Tidbits: Titan Radio Recuiting DJs, Secret Station in Maryland, and WIUX's Woodie Nomination

Many college campuses are in the early weeks of fall semester, so recruitment is in full-swing at many college radio stations. A few recent articles profiling campus stations have been helping to get the word out about volunteer opportunities for student DJs.

Titan Radio at California State University, Fullerton

According to a piece in the Daily Titan, the student-run Internet radio station at Cal State Fullerton, Titan Radio, has been around since 2001:

"The student-run, non-profit operation is a torrent of divergent, alternative programming you won’t find on your FM dial...

'We have a wide selection of stuff but there’s an order to it,' Chadwick Vargas, Titan Radio’s promotions director, said. 'Where else would you find a disco-cooking or exercise show but college radio? We are open to pretty much anything.'

Vargas, who has been with the station since January 2008, has his own show called 'Asian Persuasion.' It highlights Asian and Pacific Islander artists both locally and nationwide."

Campus-Only Online Radio XFSR at Frostburg State

Another article describes the opportunities that students at Frostburg State (Maryland) have to get involved with radio by joining up with campus public radio station WFWM's student broadcasting project XFSR Intranet Radio. I had no idea that there were campus-only Intranet stations. I wonder why they are keeping such a low profile?

WIUX is Psyched about mtvU Woodie Competition

A profile of Indiana University LP-FM radio station WIUX rattles off a list of recent accolades, including a spot in mtvU's top 50 college radio stations listing in the College Radio Woodie Award competition. According to the article:

"The nomination for the mtvU award could open up a lot of doors for the station by gaining the support of people interested in working with the best of the best, [DJ Madeline] Dowling said, as well as catch the attention of employers.

'We have the highest level of interest from students this year,' [General Manager Ryan] Patena said. 'We had over 200 applicants for 120 to 150 time slots. We have a completely full 24-hour-a-day live DJ schedule for the first time in the past few years.'"

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