Tuesday, September 15, 2009

mtvU Woodie Awards-Down to 50 College Radio Stations

OK. The plot thickens for me on the mtvU Woodie Awards and their contest for the best college radio station. I've already ranted more than enough, but today's listing of the latest top 50 stations gives me more reason to be confused.

I was under the impression that no new stations were being nominated/added to the list; but in this week's top 50 list I see two stations that I didn't notice in the Top 100 list last week. Weird, huh?

Fabulous Northwestern University station WNUR is now amongst the 12 midwest stations in the running. Similarly, WVUA (University of Alabama) made an appearance this week in the list of 11 stations from the south. The northeast still dominates with 16 stations vying for the Woodie, while the west coast has 11.

Stay tuned. I'll be checking my list to see if the top 25 stations seem to be on the up and up. Results of the top 25 should be announced September 29th.

Oh, yeah, go WBGU!

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