Saturday, September 5, 2009

Last Chance to Nominate Stations for mtvU's College Radio Woodie Award

Round one of voting for the best college radio station in mtvU's annual award show the Woodie Awards is drawing to a close on September 8th. For all of us college radio junkies, that means that we have one last chance to make sure our favorite college radio station is 1) in the running and 2) is getting enough votes to make it to round two.

A quick check of the current nominees (apparently over 300 stations) revealed that my current station KFJC was not on the list and that many of the listed stations in California had factual errors (KDVS was described as being at UC Merced rather than UC Davis, University of San Francisco station KUSF was described as being at UC Santa Cruz, KUCR was described at being at UC Santa Barbara, etc. etc.).

This complete lack of fact-checking definitely casts some doubt on the "contest" for me. It seems likely that some voters may just vote for their school (vs. a station name or call letters) and when the school name and station name don't match it muddies the whole voting process.

If your station isn't listed there's still time to use Twitter to nominate it and galvanize staff and listeners to vote. If it is listed, you might want to double check the listing for accuracy.

The first round of voting ends on September 8th and will cull down the list of stations to the top 100. So this will be your only chance to nominate stations that aren't listed.

Between September 8th and 15th voting will take place to narrow the list down to the top 50 college radio stations.

From September 15th to 29th visitors can vote in order to narrow the list down to the top 25 stations.

After these initial rounds of voting (are you still with me), there will be five more rounds. If it's like last year, the first four rounds will focus on voting for regional winners (West, Midwest, Northeast, South). The fifth round will select the overall winner from those 4 regional finalists. That winner will be announced November 18, 2009 at the Woodie Awards. To see the complete list of when voting will happen for each round, check out the rules page.

The college radio portion of the Woodies began last year and the 2008 winner, WICB (Ithaca College, New York), was chosen from a list of 20 finalists.

By the way, the contest page also includes a link to the top 50 stations so far. I'm happy to report that one former station of mine has made this list, WBGU at Bowling Green State University. However, a lot of really awesome stations are NOT on this list.

I am a big fan of mtvU and think that they do a lot of cool things, but this early round of voting (hosted on for the Woodies seems to be a real mess. Hopefully things will get cleared up in the rounds to come.

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