Monday, May 19, 2008

Casa Vista's College Radio Station Tour

My college radio tour has stalled a bit at one station...but I still have hopes to get it rolling again. In the meantime, I just saw that someone affiliated with the Austin project RanchO RelaxO (is it a venue?) is touring college stations. The CasaVista blogger writes:

"Hey there! Im in Chapel Hill. As of this moment, I have visited 4 college radio stations: Florida State's in Tallahassee, SCAD (Savannah School of Art and Design)'s in Georgia, North Carolina State's, and North Carolina's. Tomorrow I am going to try and make it to Duke's in Durham, although a physical address is not on their website (grr...). So yeah. Its been really interesting seeing the different stations, and how they work and what is different about each one. It would really be helpful for each station to know better how their station is run vs. how other stations are run, and it would be really helpful for small touring acts to understand how the different stations are run, and how to get their music played on the radio.

I'm going to compile something about each of the stations I visit when this whole tour is over...more later. Also, I think whenever Austin bands go on tour, they should get 10 of each of their friend's bands CDs to give out to college radio stations in person...but more on this idea later, too."

I'm looking forward to reading about all of these station visits!

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