Thursday, May 22, 2008

Future of Music Coalition Profile of Unitarian Station-to-be

The Future of Music Coalition (FMC) blog has an ongoing feature where they profile organizations who have applied for new non-commercial FM radio licenses. Today's post is about a liberal, Unitarian-affiliated religious group in Oklahoma that is hoping to broaden the idea of religious stations. According to the piece:

"The next radio station to sign on in Norman, Oklahoma, might be operated by a religious group, much like the majority of the stations already serving the market. But this one would sound like few other religious stations. In fact, it would be devotedly secular—which is exactly the point.

'We’re getting pretty darn tired of listening to all the religious programming here in Oklahoma,' says Mary Francis, a retired teacher of reading and former public radio commentator. Seeking to counter central Oklahoma’s conservative culture and right-wing Christian broadcasters, the passionate activist recently took up a new cause. She’s now leading the charge to start a progressive FM radio station under the auspices of the Norman Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (NUUF).

Unitarians call their faith a religion, but their congregations often welcome atheists, agnostics and pagans as readily as Christians and Jews. Likewise, the NUUF’s radio station would set up a big tent, airing diverse musical genres, connecting Norman’s social service organizations, and covering local issues that would otherwise get little coverage."

Intriguing....You can see more FMC station profiles on their website.

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