Friday, May 23, 2008

CMJ Staff Blog Profiles College Radio Music Directors

OK, they've been doing it for awhile, but I just realized that CMJ has a Staff Blog in which they do some pretty interesting industry profiles, including interviews with college radio Music Directors, record label staff, and others in the music biz. This week they talked to the MD of Lewis and Clark Community College station WLCA 89.9 FM in Godfrey, Illinois about their station's switch to high definition programming.

Other stations who've been profiled recently include:

WPSC-FM (William Paterson University, NJ): interview about new slogan "Brave New Radio"

WUSB-FM (Stonybrook University, NY): interview with MD from "Radio Free Long Island"

WVUA-FM (University of Alabama): profile of their MD talks about tips for interviewing bands

KSLU (St. Louis University): interview with MD about their stint on satellite radio station XMU's "Student Exchange" show

WVUR-FM (Valparaiso University, Indiana) : interview with MD about promoting station and podcasting

WICB-FM (Ithaca College, NY): interview with MD about relationship to college & community

You can find more college radio station profiles, as well as interviews with label reps, CMJ personnel and other music industry folks in the Industry Profiles section of the blog.

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