Thursday, May 8, 2008

San Diego State Radio KCR Getting Contact High

College radio stations are often tucked away on campus in basements and dilapidated buildings. But San Diego State University's radio station KCR takes it one step further, as their temporary quarters are in a dorm basement in smelling range of dope smoking students according to a piece on KCR's story of why they aren't on FM radio is kind of interesting, as their proximity to Mexico means that radio space was difficult to come by. According to their website:

"KCR is a volunteer-run student radio station located on San Diego State University grounds. We have been operating primarily on cable radio systems since our beginning in 1969. This had been our only option due to the FM and AM bands being divided between the United States and Mexico, thus leaving no space for local non-commercial stations in San Diego. Along the way, we've also added an AM transmission and internet streaming allowing our programs to be heard throughout the world."

Now, about the smell of the station...The author of the piece writes:

"The layout of our freeform college radio station is such that we’re stuck broadcasting out of the basement of a dorm. Essentially, our station was recently relocated after the school decided to construct a new student center... Anyway, it’s obvious that the studio was once storage space or, at the very least, a custodial washroom. There’s a vent above our soundboard and every now and then, especially late nights and on weekends, station... disc jockeys can get a mild contact high from the marijuana that seeps into the small sound booth."

And I thought it was annoying to smell the stink of dirty dishes and industrial dishwashers outside my college station doors when we were located under the cafeteria at Haverford College.

What does YOUR college station smell like?

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