Monday, May 12, 2008

College Radio in Rancho Cucamonga

It's always great to hear about new college radio stations, including this AM station in southern California at Chaffey College that was just profiled in the San Bernardino County Sun this weekend. According to the article:

"Nobody at Chaffey College considers the school's tiny, unmarked radio studio a music museum, but maybe they should.

Inside a room the size of a spacious walk-in closet, a recently acquired radio system - equipped with iPod docks and a 30-watt transmitter - dominates. Nearby are more old-school equipment - multiple turntables, a box of eight-tracks and a clunky reel-to-reel player.

It's hard to believe that the community college, which journeyed from the reel-to-reel format to digital files, has never had a radio station until now. In the past, students who learned radio broadcasting had only an audience composed of their teachers and classmates.

This year, under the tutelage of broadcasting professor Daniel Jacobo, students have been showing off their skills on-air on 1010 AM and online at"

Apparently you can only hear the station over the AM airwaves if you are within a few miles of campus, but it's certainly a start. The article profiles a number of the station DJs, including Ted Nares who does an underground music show:

"Ted Nares' collection of 5,000 CDs makes it easy for him to host 'The Lodge,' an underground-music show. 'It's an ode to the obscure,' he said. Nares, 28, started developing his music library at age 16, when he started working at a convenience store. 'My whole paycheck went to music,' he said...Nares said his goal is to introduce people to new music. There's just a lot out there that I'm not hearing,' he said."

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