Tuesday, June 10, 2008

8-Tracks, 78s, and Energetic PD at KSCL

College radio station KSCL's blog is always chock full of intriguing tidbits about the Shreveport, Louisiana station and this week is no exception. First off they have a new website, with lots of fun features to come. Also, they recently did a station clean-up to make room for more music and found some old 8-tracks and 78s. I'd love to know what kinds of titles they found and if DJs will be able to play these items over the air.

KSCL's summer Program Director posted that as part of his duties he listens to every show that's on the air. He writes:

"...as the Summer Program Director I'm responsible for listening to all the shows and evaluating each DJ's performance...I'm lovin' it that we have such a full schedule. We have back-to-back shows on Sunday from noon to 2am. That's totally awesome, but it also means I'm going to be listening to the radio for 14 hours strait today. Heh, heh...."

Wow. That's dedication! Is this typical of college radio PDs or is KSCL's a superstar? Do the Program Directors at your station listen to every show that's on to offer critiques and advice? Does this happen every week or just when a new DJ is getting started?

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