Monday, June 2, 2008

Sonic Youth and The Feelies Play NY July 4th

I was just catching up on the latest from New Jersey community radio station WFMU and was alerted to the Sonic Youth and reunited Feelies show that they are helping to sponsor in NY on July 4th. It's part of WFMU's 50th birthday celebration and I am sure jealous. I saw the Feelies play at my college in the 1980s and I thought they were some of the most amazing performers ever.

If you want to catch the free July 4th show, you can reserve your tickets on June 12th at noon (Eastern time, I assume). Read the WFMU blog for more details.

While you're over at WFMU's blog, be sure to read some of their "Great Moments in WFMU History," including this one about a DJ hit man (really).

Also, word has it that you can listen to WFMU on iPhones and other web-enabled mobile devices. Has anyone tried this?

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