Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Indie Irish College Radio Show and Squeaky Doors

Something that I love about college radio are the unique shows that reflect the specific passions of music-obsessed DJs. Today I ran across the website for Paddy-Whacked Radio, a college radio show at WQFS-FM (Guilford College, North Carolina) that focuses on Irish indie music. Recently they hosted a live performer and had quite the college radio moment:

"Paul Noonan and David Geraghty of Bell X1 were very kind in stopping by...to chat with Paddy-Whacked Radio™ on WQFS in Greensboro...Please know that the fidelity of the recording is limited to studio equipment (it’s college radio, eh?). Also, please forgive the squeaky door during the final live song. Someone decided it was a good idea to walk in and out of the studio at that particular time. (grumble grumble)."

D'oh! Have any of you had some crazy interruption like this during a performance? I certainly have. I've also had microphones fall down while I was talking over the air.

Speaking of indie Irish music, my brother-in-law had an indie Irish college radio show back in the day at KSCU-FM (Santa Clara University) and told me that he primarily played imported music that was very difficult to find in the U.S. I wonder if this is still the case or if mp3s have changed everything in terms of access to international music.

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