Monday, June 30, 2008

What Do Young People Want From Radio?

On the "Inside Music Media" blog, Jerry Del Colliano writes about some of his insights from a session that he did with a group of radio industry folks at last week's Conclave Learning Conference about the future of radio. He writes:

"Radio is disconnected from the youth demographic for many reasons:

1) They grew up without the love of radio and had an alternative that they pioneered -- the Internet. They've moved on. Consolidation helped radio take its eye off the next generation.

2) They are more mobile and interactive than their elders -- and a Walkman is so Eighties to them.

3) What they really want, radio execs would choke on.

What is that?

• Djs who play their own music -- not corporate or station playlists (I know, I know -- it won't work. It never does. Tight playlists and repetition win out in the end. Bla Bla Bla). No, this Gen Y audience means it.

• Fewer commercials and better commercials..."

Oh yes, this post is another potential plug for the virtues and solid future of college radio, since many DJs do control their playlists and many stations are commercial-free.

What do you think? Are youth more connected with college radio than with commercial radio?

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Anonymous said...

No I think a large segment of the youth listens to TOP40 stations... I feel that the best thing that the college radio stations have going for it is that the listeners feel like they have a vested interest in what is being played...