Saturday, June 14, 2008

WICB DJ's Radio Show Diary

Today a DJ at the Ithaca College radio station WICB-FM did a blog post where he wrote a play-by-play of his entire radio show. I love this concept and am impressed that he had the time to write about what was going on while he went about the business of doing a show. What with picking music, cueing music, answering the phone, doing mic breaks, filling out logs, reading PSAs and filing music a radio show can be pretty hectic. Read on to find out how he has the time!

Here's a small tidbit from Rob's post called DJing Diary:

"Alright, I'm DJing for 2 hours today. Here's my running diary...

3:12- Not a ton going on today at the studio. There was a live remote from a dairy festival earlier, but it was a bit out of place for us modern rockers. Oh well. Next up is a new song from the Ting Tings, and it is guaranteed to be stuck in my head for the next four to five hours."

He also explains how he has the time to keep this diary, saying:

"3:17- I believe this diary will make it clear that DJing is a very slow job. Yea, it's fun, but slow. Lots of hurry up and wait, because you talk, play 12 minutes of music, then talk again. And now that it's all computerized, there's even less work to do..."

Take a look at his complete post to read about the deserted college campus, creepy callers, the computerized system they use to play music, his self-critiques, and feedback on some of the music he's playing.

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