Wednesday, May 20, 2009

CMJ Merging with Metropolitan Talent

I just heard the news that CMJ is merging with Metropolitan Talent. I'm not quite sure what this all means, but this article on the Billboard website features an interview with John Scher, one of the co-CEOs of Metropolitan Talent. Basically, it sounds like this new company will make it easier for both groups to market to college radio and college students. According to the piece:

"By joining forces, Metropolitan Talent and CMJ will create live and Internet initiatives primarily aimed at the college music market. The companies will work closely with individual college radio stations, focusing on artist development and the discovery of new music. Additionally, they will work together to create stand-alone events modeled after the established CMJ Music Marathon...

Scher says CMJ's potential in college markets is ripe for expansion. 'They have a direct relationship with over 600 college radio stations, and in having that relationship they're also an approved vendor at every single campus,' he tells"

Well, if you didn't realize that CMJ was in the business of marketing music to college radio stations, it's hard to ignore that reality now. The article continues:

"...College markets are a key place to re-establish an artist development environment that Scher believes has been stymied by consolidation at radio, record labels and the concert industry. 'Having a more direct relationship with college radio you're going to get a good sense of the artists that are starting to bubble under and we are a company that produces concerts, tours, manages artists, has an independent record company, having that relationship directly with those stations and people and young, active entrepreneurs while they're in college will help us get more involved in artist development and bringing those artists to the forefront,' he says."

Will this merger change your opinion of CMJ or is this just an extension of what they are already doing? I am curious to see how they end up expanding the CMJ Music Marathon concept. If it serves to connect college radio people on a smaller scale, that's a pretty cool idea. Perhaps they'll do regional conferences and music showcases? We shall see.

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