Tuesday, May 19, 2009

College Radio Tidbits: Brown Lecture Series, KAUR Drops FM, College Radio in Pittsburgh, High School Radio, Holistic Fundraiser, and Public Radio Bday

I'm just catching up on the news, so here are a number of college radio-related stories from the past week.

Brown Student Radio's "Brown Block" Airing Campus Lectures and Events

According to this blurb on the Brown University website, the student/community radio station BSR will be airing a number of campus lectures, symposiums and panels on their "Brown Block" public affairs program. Does your student station feature campus events like this?

KAUR Dropping Its FM Signal to Go Online-Only

It bums me out when college radio stations lose their terrestrial signals. Even though the argument is often made that students don't listen to the "radio" anymore, there's something very very sad about losing a station's over the air signal. KAUR at Augustana College will be dropping its FM signal this summer and converting to an online-only station according to this piece on ArgusLeader.com. It's unclear how this decision was made and what will happen to the FM frequency, but one can only imagine that this might be a financial step by the college. This isn't great news for independent radio in South Dakota.

College Radio in Pittsburgh Gets Nod

In a piece in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about the demise of urban commercial radio station WAMO (recently sold to a religious group), Tony Norman writes:

"...No one listens to WAMO to catch the latest in edgy or interesting music. It isn't there -- and hasn't been for a long time.

If you're an old-school soul music fan, there's nothing better than WYEP-FM 91.3's "The Soul Show" every Saturday afternoon. If hip-hop and its various iterations is your thing, local college radio has always been more adventurous than WAMO. The signals for WRCT (Carnegie Mellon) and WPTS (University of Pittsburgh) may be difficult to pick up outside the East End, but you can listen to both on the Internet."

Profile of GM of High School Radio Station

I think it's incredible that high school radio exists on some campuses and I had no idea about the breadth of programming that some of these stations provide. According to this profile of the student general manager of high school station WHFH at Homewood-Flossmoor High School near Chicago, the station not only airs music programming, but also documentaries, news, sports talk and panel discussions. WHFH has been around since 1965 and is a 1500 watt FM station.

"Festival of Enlightenment" Fundraiser for WHFR

Henry Ford Community College Station WHFR is hosting a holistic festival as a fundraising event on May 30th. The mention on Press and Guide, states, "More than 60 percent of WHFR's operating money comes from donations raised by fund-raisers such as the Festival of Enlightenment..." In addition to this event, they are also doing an electronic music benefit show on May 22nd. It's interesting to see the range of fundraising events spearheaded by college radio stations. How does your station fundraise?

Jefferson Public Radio Turns 40

Well, this public radio "empire" in Oregon known as Jefferson Public Radio is no longer student-run, but it began as such at Southern Oregon College in 1969 as KSOR.

According to an article on MailTribune.com,

"Jefferson Public Radio this week celebrates 40 years of growth, from a student-run radio station with a 10-watt transmitter to a public broadcasting empire serving a million listeners over 70,000 square miles. Born in 1969 as KSOR in the basement of then-Southern Oregon College, today JPR broadcasts classical and jazz music, National Public Radio news and national programs...from Eugene to Redding, Calif., from Lakeview to the Oregon Coast."

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Mary said...

Wow, WAMO - that brings back memories. We used to listen to Porky Chedwick ("the daddio of the raddio") who taught us the soul music part of our education while in college in the 1960's.