Monday, May 18, 2009

College Radio Tidbits: College Radio as Summer Gig, Public Radio Station Going Local at Night

A few items related to college radio in the news:

Wall Street Journal teen columnist and College radio

It gives me great joy that the father/son column in the Wall Street Journal has had a number of college radio mentions recently, including this week's blurb about the teen considering doing some college radio volunteer work this summer before he begins college. Right on. I say do it!

Classical Station to Air Local Programs instead of Public Radio at Night

In a nice turn of events, Davidson College public radio station WDAV has opted to drop some syndicated public radio programming in order to air locally-produced shows. According to an article in the Charlotte Observer, with this change in programming, the classical radio station will now air:

"...140 hours of locally originated programming weekly, or 80 percent of its schedule. That will represent an increase of 60 percent over last year."

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