Thursday, May 7, 2009

College Radio DJ Doing Crazy On-Air Marathon to Get a Job

It's pretty unbelievable, but there's a college radio DJ who has been on the air since LAST Friday morning. He's taking calls on an 800 number, doing interviews with press, and in a little bit he'll be getting his hair cut while on air.

An article in The Tennessean talks about college radio DJ Sherman Murdock's mission to get a job in radio after he graduates. In an attempt to call attention to his job search, he's doing a radio marathon on campus radio station WTST-AM (carrier current) at Tennessee State. I just tuned in to the webcast on Thursday and he is STILL on the air after nearly a week, sounding pretty energetic. I wonder how much longer he'll be broadcasting? Will he stop for anything other than a job? He just said, "I'm not leaving...I gotta find me a job" You can see press about his marathon and see some videos of him on the air on his website.

Best of luck. I applaud the effort.

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