Wednesday, May 6, 2009

College Radio Tidbits: Vinyl's Downside, Morning Show at WUNH, Classical and Old Time Radio

A few recent college radio-related items:

Downside of Vinyl?
There's an interesting perspective on vinyl records on Ypulse this week. The article, written by college student Michael Hayball, makes the argument that much of the new vinyl being marketed these days is too expensive for the typical college-aged record buyer. Yet, he also understands the allure of vinyl, saying:

"The appeal of the vinyl versions comes with what's included with the record. The obvious bonus to owning a vinyl version is the album art. I considered buying Viva La Vida on vinyl just to have the Eugène Delacroix painting on its cover hanging on my wall. Also, most records now come with either a copy of the cd or a code to download the album digitally, so that's also a big bonus to buy the vinyl copy."

DJs at WUNH Working on Potential Morning Show
A crew of DJs at University of New Hampshire, Durham station WUNH have been testing out a concept for a morning show, complete with multiple DJs, news, sports, weather, traffic, and indie music (including a countdown). "The Morning Hangover" may debut next year, dependent on approval by station management. According to an article in student newspaper The New Hampshire,

"One of the show's main goals is to generate a larger audience for the station, especially among the UNH student body. The Morning Hangover could serve as a bridge between the listeners of independent college radio, and the students at UNH who generally gravitate more toward mainstream radio.

The show will have elements of normal morning radio shows, but will largely be based on UNH interest, and the promotion of the station's independent music catalog."

I'm curious if many other college radio stations have structured morning shows. Let me know if you know of others. And, by the way, to see a bit of WUNH, there's a great video posted on their blog that gives a quick tour of the studio and record libraries (lots of vinyl!) during a live gig by Mason Proper.

New College Radio Station Focused on Classical at Dixie State
Dixie State College in Utah has just launched a new college radio station KXDS, which will focus on classical music according to an article in Mainstreet Business Journal.

DJ to Retire after 39 Years on the Air Doing Old-Time Radio Show
An article in the Chicago Daily Herald profiles public radio DJ Chuck Schaden, who will be stepping away from the mic after 39 years of doing an old time radio show called "Those Were the Days." He's currently heard on public/college radio station WDCB-FM from College of DuPage in Illinois.

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