Monday, July 6, 2009

College Radio on Film

KSJS Playlist

Last year I wrote a short post about images of college radio on television (hello original 90210 and Felicity) and today I just found out another instance of college radio in popular culture.

The celebrity-filled 1998 horror movie "Urban Legend" features a scene where a college radio talk show host (Tara Reid) is stalked and murdered at her campus station. Creepy!

I also just found a reference to the 2008 movie (not sure if it was released) College Radio Sucks. You can view a trailer for "College Radio Sucks" on their MySpace page. And, hey, it was filmed at KSJS in San Jose, one of the stations I visited this year. Has anyone seen it?

Can you think of other films where college radio makes an appearance?

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