Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Economy Hits Public Radio on Campus

There have been lots of stories recently about the financial struggles that many college and public radio stations are facing. Here are a few more examples of college-owned public radio stations dealing with an uncertain economy:

KCSM (College of San Mateo, California)
According to an article in the San Mateo Daily Journal, public radio station KCSM is located on a college campus (College of San Mateo) and gets some funding from the district. The jazz-oriented station is facing a financial crisis, as donations are down and money from the school is being reduced.

KOCV (Odessa College, Texas)
The future of Odessa College radio station KOCV is a bit uncertain at the moment, according to an article in Odessa American Online. Apparently the public radio station used to be student-run and programmed at some point in its history, but is now affiliated with National Public Radio. According to the article:

"OC has had to put in close to $100,000 a year to cover a shortfall in the station's expenses. KOCV has not had a full-time station manager in a long time, and its transmitter is from the Vietnam War era and losing power. The station only reaches a small portion of Midland County.

'We have made progress toward solidifying partnerships, but it's still part of talking possibilities,' Vice President For Instruction Clayton Alred said."

I wonder if they'd ever consider transitioning the station back to the students?

WHIL (Spring Hill College, Alabama)
Here's another campus-based public radio example. According to an article in the Mobile Press-Register, WHIL announced that it was doing a week-long emergency pledge drive in order to raise needed funds.

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