Monday, July 6, 2009

Youth-Media Movement and Radio

It's reassuring to me that there's still a lot of energy around teaching kids and teens about radio. A number of organizations are focused on providing radio training to the youngest media mavens and there are also summertime opportunities like Digital Media Summer Camps at YouthVille Detroit. One of the programs this summer is "Web Radio and Broadcast Journalism," where students will learn to DJ and will produce their own shows on YouthVille Web Radio.

Another program, Youth Media Project, teaches high school students in Santa Fe about radio production and airs some of their pieces on local radio stations. A recent Santa Fe Reporter piece interviews Executive Director (and DJ) Judy Goldberg. Judy explains in the article that:

"The curriculum is rooted in gathering stories from the community and having that integrated into academic learning."

She also speaks a bit about the broader trend of the youth-media movement, saying:

"Only recently I’ve been brought into a national awareness of the youth-media movement. It’s rising in tandem with youth leadership and service learning. I’ve been asked to participate in the Youth Media Reporter, which is a publication that comes out of New York, and they are the forerunners of trying to help amass those who practice and teach youth media."

Does your station do anything to help get young people involved with radio?

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