Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sean Hannity's College Radio Past

Many radio folks got their start in college radio and sometimes those early experiences can be quite revealing. Over on Daily Kos there's a post by Journalist in the Room talking about conservative talk show host Sean Hannity's college radio stint in the late 1980s at UC Santa Barbara station KCSB:

"Nine years after his high school graduation, he joined the volunteer radio team at UC Santa Barbara where after less than a year and a sparkling 40 hours of airtime, he was cut for making homophobic remarks and parading an AIDS conspiracy book. He took this amazing new credential by calling himself 'the most talked about college radio host in America'. Hannity said about his time there, 'I was terrible'(what's changed?), but also said it was the left-wing management's fault. It makes you think, does he think he was terrible because he went too far, or becuase [sic] he didn't go far enough?"

Did you have any future fame-seekers at your station. Did they get fired?

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