Friday, February 8, 2008

KSLU on XMU's "Student Exchange"

Here's another article about the satellite radio show "The Student Exchange" on XMU (the show that highlights different college radio stations each week). Discussing last week's show featuring KSLU, this piece explains that the KSLU Music Director selected their playlist and pre-recorded the show on campus. I wonder if this is the case every week, where one DJ is the voice of the participating station? I'd still love to see some of the playlists from this program and hear insight from featured stations. I'm also waiting to hear which station will be on XMU this coming Sunday...

According to the article:

"KSLU will reach a national audience when XM Radio features Musical Director Christine Sanley on XMU's 'The Student Exchange Program,'...KSLU's Station Manager Kyle Lewis said that SLU's student-run station was selected personally by the brass at the network: 'They contacted us … They select a few [stations] that they think are of good quality to feature on XM.' Lewis said that Sanley was an obvious choice to serve as the program's DJ...The program was prerecorded in KSLU's fledgling production studio, and Sanley believes that it will entertain students across the nation. 'I worked really hard on the playlist to make sure that it kicked ass,' she said. 'It's two hours of awesomeness.'"

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