Wednesday, February 27, 2008

MACRoCK College Radio Conference

Mark your calendars for music and radio conference season! Noise Pop is in San Francisco now through March 2nd, up next is SXSW in Austin (music panels are March 12th-15th), and on its heels is MACRoCK April 4th and 5th in Harrisonburg, Virginia. MACRoCK (in its 11th year) is organized by staff of James Madison University's radio station WXJM 88.7 FM and looks like an amazing, grassroots event for the college radio and indie music community. It will feature bands (including Aloha, Elf Power, Antlers and others), panels, workshops, and a label expo and it's a steal at $12-$18 for a weekend pass. According to their website:

"The Mid-Atlantic College Radio Conference (MACRoCk) is the annual celebration of college radio and the independent music community perpetuated by student volunteers at WXJM (the Harrisonburg college radio station) and local residents. MACRoCk aims to create a support network amongst college radio, the independent artists and labels for whom college radio exists, and all other aspects of the independent scene."

From my experience college radio stations can be somewhat insular, so it's always great to hear about events that work to build community between stations. If anyone is going to MACRoCK I'd love to hear some reports, especially about the panels and workshops.

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