Friday, February 29, 2008

Radio Arte Gives Voice to Latino Teen Producers

Probably my most inspiring work experience ever was working on my high school newspaper, where we had an inspiring adviser who respected teenagers and supported the rights of a free student press. We wrote about divorce, suicide, abortion, teen drinking, campus rivalry and even the usual stories about campus litter and cafeteria food. I'm sure that because of my positive experience on my paper, I'm a big fan of teen culture and am particularly impressed by teens involved with journalism and radio. A piece this week profiles a Chicago-area public radio station WRTE 90.5 FM that provides opportunities for teens to produce radio shows. According to the article:

"A group of Chicago Hispanic teenagers say they are tired of how underrepresented their community is in mainstream media. They have turned their frustration into action and are now vocal journalists on a mission to provide a voice for the underrepresented. These youth, or 'producers' as they are called at work, get their voices heard on the radio for an hour every Monday through Thursday evening. They are volunteer journalists at Radio Arte, 90.5 FM, a nonprofit Latino public radio station based in Pilsen. The 10-year-old station has made a place for teen producers since it was founded."

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