Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Radio Shows as Mix Tapes

5 of 9er posted one of his KPSU (Portland State) college radio show playlists from 1996. I love it! The DJ said that he often used tapes of his radio show like mix tapes, giving them to friends. I remember doing the same thing, and even programming entire radio shows with someone in mind (yeah, usually someone who I had a crush on) and giving them a copy of the tape later, with a nicely decorated cover. I've also done radio shows with secret messages and meanings buried in the song titles for those who pay attention to the playlists. Every week I find that crafting a radio show can be cathartic or joyous, depending upon my emotional state. Creating the right mix has helped me get through the stress of school exams (I played all compilations when I was studying for "comps" aka comprehensive exams in grad school), deal with the grief from losing a friend (I devoted a show to her featuring bands from a music series she curated), and diffuse the anger over job loss (I have had several lay-off themed shows). But I also use radio playlists in happy times, choosing songs to celebrate meeting the right guy, finding a cool job, seeing an amazing show, or just having a great day.

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