Tuesday, February 12, 2008

XMU Student Exchange Playlist from KSLU

A DJ from KSLU (St. Louis University) posted her playlist which was featured on XMU's "Student Exchange" program February 3, 2008 so that those of us not tuning in can get a glimpse of what the show is like. She started with Tortoise & Bonnie Prince Billy and also included Animal Collective, Angels of Light, John Vanderslice, Beirut, and others.

Her blog also works as a companion to her radio show "Kite Flyin' with Shoestrings," in case you want to see a bit more about a DJ at one college station.

I still haven't seen information about which college station was featured on XMU February 10th--anyone know? I'd also love to see more "Student Exchange" playlists if anyone has them.

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