Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Punk Houses Profiled in Coffee Table Book

A piece in the San Francisco Chronicle today reviews the coffee table book Punk House: Interiors in Anarchy, which documents punk houses from across the country.

From the article: "So what, exactly, defines a punk house? Mostly, it's a space where the residents, usually in their 20s, live cheaply and maintain alternative lifestyles...Many punk houses host underground art and rock shows, often bringing in cutting-edge bands from across the country. They're places where Dumpster divers, hitchhikers, train-hoppers, radio pirates and skinny-dippers congregate."

I think I've only been to one "punk house" and it was to see a Thinking Fellers show in Michigan. We all crammed into the basement to see the band play and I was elated as I was a huge fan. When I was living in small town Ohio, shows weren't always in standard bar/club venues because there weren't as many options. So, I'd go see indie bands play in sports bars (Modest Mouse), living rooms, basements, dorm lounges, coffee houses and halls for fraternal organizations (was it the Elks Lodge, VFW or AMVET in Bowling Green where I saw a punk show?).

What shows have you seen at punk houses or at atypical music venues?

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